We’re a realtime and virtual production studio.

We take the best tools and techniques from the games industry to create amazing stories and experiences.

We solve complex creative-technical production challenges. We share our expertise and tools via services work. We create our own original shows and experiences.


MOD offered the unique combination we needed: knowledge of available technology, artistic skill, contacts, production experience and ability to teach and lead us.

Georgia RIvers

Marketing Manager, Australian Chamber Orchestra

Mod provided expert help on our virtual event. They were reliable, knowledgeable, professional and responsive and we look forward to opportunities to work together again.

Ryan Thomas

Co-Founder - Vice President of Video, Subvrsive

Your contribution has been nothing short of remarkable and I can not express my appreciation enough for your continued help, support and professionalism.

Mike Seymour

Researcher, University of Sydney MOTUS Lab

The team understood what we needed and produced two fantastic products on time and on budget. I am extremely happy to recommend Mod. Thank you.

Matthew Vaughan

Principal Planner, Engagement Strategies Unit, ACON

We have worked with MOD on several projects and find their attention to detail and broad, highly-adaptable skill set invaluable in design and implementation of bespoke experiences.

Steve Wylie

Director, Evolved HD

Michela helped RYOT build an extremely complex real-time performance pipeline. She and her team at MOD overcame a ton of hurdles to deliver this first-of-its-kind product. She always brought creative solves to the table and is truly one of the most technically knowledgeable virtual production directors I've worked with. It was a pleasure to have her on the team and couldn't recommend her and MOD more highly.

Josh Gold

Executive Producer, RYOT

So grateful for all the wonderful help, insight and expertise you've brought to our project

David Peers

Director, Animal Logic