Workshop Facilitation

You have a great idea that you want to bring to life with digital media. Or you need to develop your digital or transmedia strategy. But where to begin?

Hiring a development team without a clear and concise road map can be a very costly and frustrating experience. Just translating your creative vision to tech-speak can be a challenge - and there's an obvious conflict of interest if the people advising you are the same people being paid for the job.

Having assisted clients in this area for almost two decades we have developed two pain-free, short workshops that will put you in a position to succesfully move forward with your project.

Workshop 1 - Very Early Development

If you are at a very early stage in the development of your project, you may need an exploratory workshop to canvas the digital design area that you're planning to move into, and suitable options for your project. Following the workshop we deliver a written report consolidating your workshop discussion and documenting the outcomes.  

Workshop 2 - Early Development

If you know the digital landscape and have compiled your background research and functional requirements for the product you plan to build, we provide a workshop that captures your requirements in the form of a high level design document useful to technical developers, which will allow you to put your job out to tender for cost-effective delivery.

Both workshops are three hours, delivered in our Darlinghurst studio. The price includes facilitation for up to six members of your team, development of your documentation and morning or afternoon tea.

To discuss the stage your project is at and which workshop you would gain most value from, please contact us or book online.


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