Virtual Tour

Imagine standing on stage during a live performance by your favourite band. Imagine a presentation in a space that transforms all around you along with the topic. Imagine being able to control your surroundings using nothing more than touch, movement or voice.

Imagine the next generation of interactives, which play out 24/7 online and also tour the world as travelling events and stage shows.

Mod Productions has developed a real-time audio-visual format - the Virtual Tour. It enables organisations to offer immersive experiences to mass audiences. Fusing tried-and-tested processes from traditional media with state-of-the-art interactive media magic, we capture your performances, create interactive possibilities, and then stage a world-class live and virtual experience that delivers the 'wow' factor.

The Virtual Tour has evolved from our work on shows with an international network of artists and technologists. 

ACO VIRTUAL is an extraordinary new way to experience music. It features 3D projections of Australian Chamber Orchestra musicians surrounding you, with the sound of each musician coming from the direction of their image. Immerse yourself in the cinematic performance or take charge of the band via a touch-screen controller stand. You can choose to spotlight one musician or any combination such as the violins or the bass.

DETOURS AND DESTINATIONS turned The Studio, Sydney Opera House, into a digital theme park for under-25s. Eighteen separate user interfaces including interactive dance-floor and Twitter-controlled vision-mixing combined to let young people remix and play with their own art creations.

DIRTGIRLWORLD, the 2013 International Digital Emmy award-winning children's show, encompassed a TV series, online video games and activities, mobile augmented reality and live stage shows, all supported by our online production hub.

Tag Town

Tag Town is our new platform for location-based multi-player games and stories

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Rack&Pin platform

We are the developers of Rack&Pin, a management platform, that we use internally and license to third parties.

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