Just One Less

Mod Productions quickly designed, created and installed a user-operated video recording system for a mobile booth. Our video booth created an environment where people felt comfortable to speak candidly and without self-consciousness in front of a camera.

Video highlights from the Fairfax Media news site

The challenge was to get people talking about a sensitive topic: binge drinking and risky behaviours. The collected stories would feed into a larger community development project running over several months in Armidale, NSW. The booth needed to be mobile, weather-proof and user-friendly.

The Mod team researched system options, designed a bespoke solution, built it from scratch, installed it, and trained local project team members to run the system. The video booth operated out of a community-contributed horse float – a novel idea, which also suited the rural setting.

It was perfect for moving around the town to engage different segments of the community – making stops at high schools, universities, shopping centres, parks and pubs. The booth provided privacy, with the attendant waiting outside and out of earshot. The interior fit-out was designed to be easy-to-use, even for people without much experience using video technology. Users simply pressed a big red button to start and stop recording their story on video.

These elements made our video booth a big success – in the first 16 hours of operation over 70 people recorded their stories.

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Project Credits

Artists: Michela Ledwidge, David Kirkpatrick
Producer: Mish Sparks