ACO Virtual Orchestra Pilot

"MOD offered the unique combination of knowledge and skills we needed: knowledge of available technology and ability to apply it, artistic understanding and skill, supplier contacts, production experience and ability to teach and lead us."
Georgia RIvers
Marketing Manager, Australian Chamber Orchestra

The Australian Chamber Orchestra (ACO) is always looking for innovative ways to engage audiences. We pitched an experiential  virtual tour which led to our production of the pilot interactive video installation for a range of contexts including dome theatres, flat screens and mobile devices.

For the pilot we shot four of the orchestra's musicians playing. In the dome theatre, visitors are immersed in a 360 degree 3D cinema, surrounded by the four musicians in performance. Different visual backgrounds and foregrounds can be selected and individual musicians can be highlighted, bringing their audio and visuals to the foreground, adding an educational aspect to the experience. The Augmented Reality (AR) app that we developed for iOS devices allowed visitors to use an iPhone to locate individual musicians in a geographic location, watch and hear them play, and access additional information on each musician, their instrument, the music they play and its composer.

The success of the pilot saw the project expanding in 2011 to feature the full orchestra in a 13-camera, 3D film shoot.

For more detail on the pilot project, check out our case study report on the pilot here.

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Project Credits

Director: Michela Ledwidge
DOP: Paul Nichola
Producers: Mish Sparks, Michela Ledwidge, Cristina Dio