Women in AR and VR Sydney meetup

Tonight is the launch of a new meetup Women in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Sydney proudly supported by Mod. As excitement builds around immersive interactive experience, we want to be part of strengthening the sector by increasing its diversity. Diversity is good for business. For all of us. It means more ideas, greater contribution of talent and innovative ways of doing things. 

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Mod to present at Interactive Media Symposium

Mod has been invited to present on 9 September at the Interactive Media Symposium hosted by Interactive Media Lab, University of NSW Faculty of Art & Design as part of Sydney Design Festival.

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VR development for PyLadies

Mod recently hosted a Virtual Reality programming workshop for the Sydney PyLadies Meetup group. PyLadies is an international network of female python users providing support and advocacy aimed at getting more women coding. The python community has a great reputation for diversity and encouraging wider participation in tech culture. This workshop was an introduction to using the python programming language and real-time AV engine Touch Designer to code room-scale VR experience. While python is not the first programming language you might normally associate with VR, Michela demonstrated how Touch's python API can assist rapid prototyping (in what she ...

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Share your toys

Michela reflects on Ghostbusters, immersion and interactivity.

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1 month in the Vive - Part 4/4

The final post in Michela's 4-part survey of her first month with the HTC Vive. Read part 1.

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